Monday, February 19, 2007

Still hibernating

Of course I did not do what I said I was going to do in my last post. Oh well.

I have been crafting though! One of my students gave me a beautiful blank book for the holidays. I wanted to turn it into a photo album or something because the pages are a beautiful shiny black. Then I decided that it's perfect for my sister and I to send back and forth to each other while she lives out of state. We're filling the pages with letters and art and scrapbook type things. Here's the inside front cover. I used a library pocket from a used book I bought years ago and some of my favorite stamps from my collection.

Then I wrote her a letter and made a little letter pocket to put it in. I was making a stamp for the corner too, but I sliced my hand open with the exacto knife and abandoned that project for awhile.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hibernation, day 45

We've had snow on the ground for 45 straight days now. This is the first weekend in almost 2 months that it hasn't snowed. This sort of thing does not happen in Colorado. The sun always comes back out and melts any snow we get within days.

No updates because I've been stressed out at work and hiding under a pile of blankets while at home.

But I'm sick of hibernating! I'm finishing up projects 1 and 2 for the 50 projects in 07 challenge I joined (some of the other participants are on projects 6 or 7 eek!), and next week I'll be following SouleMama's lead and posting at least a picture every day.

Wanna take some bets on my progress? Seven updates in a row- Will I do it? We'll see!