Thursday, November 01, 2007


I am wiped out. People tell you how much work a house is, but you don't believe it until you're neck deep in crap like the above. We had to get the basement floor mudjacked because it had sunk almost four inches in some places. Now that the slabs are raised the upstairs drains are acting up. Fab. And the floor is bare dusty concrete in the basement, but that will be another post.

This post is about something AWESOME.
That's right- a Kool Aid Man lamp. Try to control your jealousy. I got the pitcher when I was just a tiny thing. I collected Kool points for ages so I could get the pitcher and four matching cups. I was SO EXCITED when it finally arrived. But then disappointment set in. Don't get me wrong- this pitcher has served many a frosty glass of flavored sugar water, but every time you'd pour out of it your delicious beverage would spill onto the counter. The spout on this thing is terrible. There's a lip on the top that makes pouring a real bear. So I had a dilemma. Should I toss it? NEVER. Cut out a better pour spout? No way (to much work) . No- the solution was found in the holiday decoration isle at the local hobby store.

One pack of red mini light later, a star is born. Seriously- this is like the coolest thing in the house right now. I just plopped the lights into the pitcher, added an extension cord, and viola! Fancy (& high class!) mood lighting in the kitchen!

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snoopy said...

In one of the ReadyMade Mag issues, there was a project for a refrigerator lamp. The Koolaid lamp would be awesome in your fridge... just get one of those lightbulb/outlet converters to use as the plug.