Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blah blah. Back from the dead?

I always write here "I'm gonna..." and then I never do, probably because I'm catching up on old episodes of Lost or The Wire. Or Deadwood. But mostly Lost. Curse you Netflix! Uh, and my own laziness and love of television, I guess.

Speaking of Lost, there's a line that's been bouncing around in my head since we watched it a few weeks ago, "If you want to change, just change."


But at the same time- sort of earth shattering for me. Instead of talking about all the things I want to do, why don't I just do them?
Will I change? I don't know, but I don't want to say that I'm going to do things and not do them anymore.

So. Here's a list of some of the crafty projects I've got going right now. I'm not allowed to go to the craft store for supplies until I finish five things, or start any new projects until I finish ten things.

  1. Woo Woo swap- I need to finish two collages and find one that went missing.
  2. Surprise project that freaking broke as I was packaging it up to send.
  3. Scarf for MIL *Done and sent! She loves it!
  4. Blanket for sister
  5. Blanket for SIL's high school graduation present
  6. Lady is a Tramp's quilt square ***Finished!
  7. Quit square for work ***Finished!
  8. Needlework swap package
  9. 3 giant rasterbations for my basement
  10. Sock monkey baby blanket for my cousin's baby
  11. Granny square blanket for my other cousin's baby
  12. Surprise Mobiles
  13. Thrifted polo blanket
  14. Butters ami for Rocketboy
  15. blue/green circle blanket for me
  16. Replace broken buttons on winter coat
I'd like to post pictures when I finish these things, but will I really do it? Who knows.
It's sort of like Lost- tune in each week for no answers and even more burning questions!

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