Monday, June 12, 2006

Long road

Cleaning not only opened the crafty block, it let out a monster! I talked to our housemate, Whit, over the phone (she's out of town) and decided to totally redo the sewing room! It's really just the corner of the never used game room, which is part of the reason I never wanted to do any work in there. It's huge, messy, lonely, cold, and worst of all, dark.

Thankfully Whit was excited about the idea, and I let her pick the colors that I'll use, since she won't be here. So everything is going to be blue and purple, with a little bit of red and orange thrown in for fun.

I started with all the crap that's been laying around for months. That lead to cleaning out two closets, getting rid of stuff, packing stuff in boxes. Now I'm working on getting everything out of the room and washing the carpets.

If I ever finish the floors, I'm going to move everything back in and as soon as my sewing machine is set up work on stuff to make the room a nicer place to hang out. Maybe I'll have some company down there at night instead of being a hermit crafter! Here's some of what I planned:
  1. Make a T shirt quilt for Whit to go in the room. We both had a huge pile of clothes to donate and I pulled out some shirts to make blankets with.
  2. Make a blanket out of Dana's soft old polo shirts. (I also pulled these out of the donate pile)
  3. Recover the 2 green plaid chairs down there. I really like the fabric they are covered with now, but it's very worn.
  4. Recover the recliner. I think I'm just going to sew a thrifted sheet right to the upholstery that it has now, because I am way to lazy to make a fitted recliner cover. Eww.
  5. Recover the reclining couch thing. This will be with sheets too, I'm sure.
  6. Make a floor rug. Or thift one. I hope I can find one.
  7. Make a flower thing for Whit's door.
  8. Pillows! I'm gonna try some floor tuffets and such-like, and a little bed for Whit's dog. He hates the basement almsot as much as I do!
  9. Some kind of quilty wall art thing.
I have some posters from my old office that will look great in there, and I'm going to hang this big trivet thing on the wall, just to be silly. And I'm getting lamps! Goodby gloom.

I'll post pictures as I go- I can't leave those messy pictures of my house up with no cleaner follow up shots!

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