Monday, June 18, 2007

Hooray for crochet!

I haven't left my ugly yellow chair for days now. Crochet is the only thing on my brain. I even dreamed about crocheting last night.

So far I've done four dishcloths (I'm sending away three of them for a swap), countless learning swatches, a tiny flower that I've somehow lost, and four practice circles for a really cool blanket from the Craftivity book.

These are my two favorite circles. I'm going to try starting all three colors in the middle of the spiral next time, I think. And the other one has three colors in it, not two. It's a shame I couldn't get the camera to pick up the true colors because they look so nice next to each other. For now I'm going to throw these ones into the wash next time I do laundry to felt them. I think they might become coasters, but we'll see what they do in the wash. I'd like to lightly felt the blanket I make, so I want to see what happens to the yarn in one wash cycle.

Oh, wait- I did get out my sewing machine to make a little needle roll for my hooks. It's pretty small, but I only have seven hooks so far and I don't need anything bigger.

I love crochet! I hope everyone will be happy with scarves or hats this holiday- I don't see myself losing interest in making things with hooks and yarn anytime soon!

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