Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I think I'll call him Fiver

Yet another good reason to put covers on your basement windows. Every summer we get at least one sad little bunny who has fallen or jumped down into the window well and can't get out. I'd put covers on them myself but our landlord in a little funny about things like that.

It worked out just fine this time- I was using the computer and heard the skritch-skritch THUMP of something trying to hop out of the window. I looked over and there was a little fuzz face sniffing around the window screen trying to find a way out. He darted to the other side of the window well when I opened the window, so I snapped a quick picture through the screen. Then I ran out to the garage to grab some gloves and popped the screen out from the inside because the window well is nearly six feet deep and I hate climbing down the little escape ladder.

Of course that terrified the little guy so he hid from me in the weeds. He did a pretty good job too. I scooped him up all gently, but he got even more scared and hopped out of my hands. I had a moment of total panic because I hadn't closed the window behind me when I came out of it and he was sitting on the window ledge sniffing inside the house. Having a wild rabbit, no matter how cute, loose in my house is not something I want to deal with, thankyouverymuch.

So I grabbed him up and put him over the edge of the window well and then watched him hop away as if nothing strange or exciting had happened at all. I hope it makes for a good story in the warren tonight when all the bunners are getting ready to sleep.

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