Saturday, August 19, 2006

Birthday No. 27

I adore birthdays, both my own and other people's. I've never been one of those people who thinks of it as "just another day".
This year I had a very quiet birthday, which started with the perfect morning for sleeping in. Cloudy and cool- we don't get days like this in August very often.

For breakfast I made myself Special Gunpowder green tea in my favorite mug (my momma made it for me) and oatmeal with fruit. I ate it at my desk downstairs while listening to the best college radio station ever. After I ate I changed the sheets and enjoyed the quiet beauty and bliss of a freshly made bed. Someday when I'm rich (but not famous, because I don't want to be on TV or in People magazine like, ever) I'll have fresh sheets everyday.

Then I hit the thrift store and the magazine stand for some birthday goodies. The cards crack me up!

Later, while I was buying myself a flikr pro account with my b-day money from my parents, I heard something smacking against the window in my studio room. It was the biggest toad I've ever seen trapped down there. I don't know how they get down there, but in every window well we have a colony of toads and salamanders, and sometimes snakes. The toads jump up to catch bugs and thump the windows. They're cute, but it sounds so gross.

When the hubster got home, we got ready to go out to dinner at Hapa in Boulder. On the way we saw a rainbow and these clouds that looked a lot like a mushroom cloud. We couldn't decide if that was a good omen or a bad one.

Dinner was wonderful! I don't have any pictures of the sushi because it disappeared to quickly, and I don't have any pictures of us because I drank sake and cocktails and got really ah, well you know.

Then I spent the rest of the week in blissful laziness. I gave myself the gift of being forever 22 years old on the inside. So, while on the outside I'm now in my "late" twenties (oh eww) with a "real" job and plans to buy my very own house and finish grad school, on the inside I'm still the giant slacker who loves playing video games all day, drinking at all hours, and just doesn't care about silly things like bills and other people's opinions. Twenty seven is going to be a great year!

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