Friday, August 11, 2006

Cruel, cruel Summer

Beautiful morning
sun, I wish you wouldn't use
your power to melt
Oh, it's a sad morning here at the Copy Shop .

For work I have to cart my own supplies between 5 different schools. To keep the disaster in my car to a minimum I toss everything in a plastic crate in the back seat. When school ended last Spring I left the crate sitting under the window in my studio room until I needed it again. I have to make a lot of my own games and supplies and was planning on doing that this summer, but being a slacker I found "better" things to do with my time. I climbed trees, played hours of video games, went camping, slept in, watched the Tyra show and Starting Over (Shut up. It is real life. It's not just another stupid, whiney reality show. It's not!), and mostly ignored the fact that I'd have to go back to work in just 2 short months.Sadly, reality is setting in. Last night I realized that I'd better get my act together this weekend. So this morning I pulled out my crate of supplies to get ready for next week. And there, on top of the pile, was my plastic bag of crayons that the kids use. All melty and sad. No one will use these now! Look at them. The horror is almost unbearable.
I'm not a crafty sub-hero for nothing though! I'm gonna melt these babies down all the way and make some mini crayons to give as prizes for the little ones! I felt bad last year that I only used praise as a reward, so it will be nice to have some incentives. If only I could find a way to get the teens excited about high school.

But dang it, now I have to buy new crayons. Poop.

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knittykat said...

Aw, you can melt those crayons down and put them in candy molds and make fun shaped crayons!

So sad to see all melty crayons though :-(