Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gift giving

I like to go a little crazy when I wrap gifts. I love doing it so much that one year one of my coworkers paid me to wrap all of her Christmas gifts on my lunch break. I had a lot of fun doing it, and she kept bringing me presents to say thank you.
My favorite presents to wrap are books, because you end up with a flat, thin-ish surface to work with. Making the wrapping a part of the gift just feels better, like I'm creating less waste. I also try to only use what I have around the house because buying pretty paper that's only going to be thrown away seems strange to me.
This one is a book about Bob Marley that I bought for my sister during the last Chronicle Books sale. First I wrapped it with a piece of drawing paper that had been sliced with an exacto knife on accident. It looked so tempting as a blank canvas that I had to rewrap it with a nice piece so I could draw on it.

I was listening to great music while I drew which gave me the coolest idea for the circle journal swap at Glitter, but more about that later.

I used a picture in an old embroidery book as inspiration- I think it came out pretty nicely.

This one was a copy of The Prophet for my friend Laura. I had to add all sorts of pretty stitches because I cut the ribbon to short and didn't have enough left over to fit around it either. The butterfly sticker is covering where I sewed the ribbon together. Then I decided that I couldn't just write her name on the wrapping, like I usually do, so I made the little butterfly tag out of origami paper.

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